Sunday, October 12, 2008


Old Goth in 'Beach Visitation' shock...

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Islanders

Installation view of Charles Avery's 'The Islanders: An Introduction', at Parasol Unit. A decade-long investigation that uses the mapping of an imaginary island in text, drawing and sculpture to explore philosophical positioning and enquiry. The show comprises work completed since the project began in 2004 and has a gloriously unfinished, meandering quality. I was very much aware of being allowed to see a work in progress, particularly with the drawings which are shown uncompleted with crop-markings around the edges and sparse suggestive areas. It's on until 8th November.

14 Wharf Road
N1 7RW
Tel: 020 7490 7373

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Notes from an Exhibition

Hauser & Wirth
196a Piccadilly and 15 Old Bond Street
London W1, to 10th October.

Floorplanned: design plane
a thousand empty rooms
design for dwellings or of bombed out
City from Above

encroaching muddy Cubism,
free marks,
describing an enveloping world
crowding in on organisation

plans and compartments

the people have deserted

is it the beginning of place
or the end of place


one like a head
Naum Gabo / Frank Auerbach
angular reckoning in heavy space

and all over
fragments of Braque

Imaginings of space
in and out of density

the world is allowed to be glimpsed
through shadow

overlaid with fractured dust-clouds

--- [Large white piece]

Slashings in shadow
Silent violence: clustered knifings

illusionary technique:
this is not real

--- [Large dark piece, far wall, opposite main doors]

Widespread Cubist world
developing space
Busyness of the medina -
Filtering out to blankness
Slow motion drawdown
as Burroughs' camera pans down the sweeping medina
to whiteness and death and extinction

---[Upstairs print room: 8 small prints and large map painting]

Prints of foreign maps
and floor plans
pulled apart
troubled territories and damaged plans

Clicking co-ordinates
Digital bleepings
Cursor dragged to explain an extreme

Rooms are pulled
Blitzed fractal mappings
Frozen pre-combust

---[Exhibition continues at Colnagni in Old Bond Street]

You are buzzed in to a damask chamber in the afternoon
Lit from above with diffused October light

And the Slashings creep in...
Larger opening sections and shadings

Thorns spike up, curling gently,
thorns become [... text illegible]

in the last piece,
patches of muted cream and grey,
over the top the thorns snake

barbed wire supported by free marks