Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Foreign Country

Studio 1.1 at Braziers Park presents A FOREIGN COUNTRY, opening Saturday 19th May, as part of Oxfordshire Art Weeks festival

'The past is 'a Foreign Country' : they do things differently there... The title of the exhibition comes from L. P. Hartley's 'The Go-Between' and each of the three young artists' work has a peculiar relationship with the past and the passing of time. Stephen Harwood paints landscapes that are half-remembered locations from childhood, yet informed by images from the Shell Guide to England, images from a past he cannot have lived but which accompanied his family literally on childhood rides through the English countryside. Craig Andrews has assiduously photographed the decay and encroaching wilderness on the site of Liverpool's 'International Garden Festival' from the mid 80's - a decay which itself has now disappeared as the garden is newly revived. Loss and re-birth - Dai Roberts' sculptures re-work the aesthetic of the 'Festival of Britain' with a sincere desire to find new forms from old and breathe them back to vibrant life.