Friday, August 01, 2008

Musique en Plein Air

There's been very little to report from the bohemian underground recently but I have been very social, mainly at outdoor music things like o2 wireless, (g)Lovebox and Ben and Jerry's, so the last few weekends have been a sort of musical summery blur with lashings of pear cider and extreme hay fever.

My favourite gig-thing so far, apart from Siouxsie at o2, has been Sebastian Tellier at Glovebox... He's all Parisian posturing, Prog Rock indulgences and analogue synths in overdrive. Right up my alley, frankly. I loved his keyboard player too, in his full leather with oversized-Raybans and a fag on, twiddling his Moog in a very cool, very keyboard-player-ish sort of way. Like a French Nick Rhodes. And it's not over yet with Field Day next week and then 'V'. I still can't get my head round shorts and sandals though, so if you see someone tottering around V dressed all in black with a tootal scarf and utterly inappropriate cuban heels that'll be me!

The pic is Sebastian Tellier reclining on his piano, courtesy of Crazy G.