Monday, June 02, 2008

Some New Work

I had no idea it's been over two months since my last post!... I was suitably admonished in our local over the weekend by her Royal Redness Dawn Right Nasty and threatened with expulsion from the Nasty list of links should no posts be immediately forthcoming...

So here I am getting my house in order. In fact I'll go one better:- I hereby pledge to post something, anything, once a week. Promise. Even if it's just a photo. Anyway, we are just back from New York City so I shall formulate some thoughts and in the meantime here's a small selection of the new work I am currently absorbed by.

The project is called 'Heartland'- a group of small pictures, a film and some drawings about the landscape I grew up in. The paintings are small oils, most no larger than A4, either painted outside or based on drawings made in direct response to the landscape itself and the important memories provoked.

I've been enjoying using oils again, after the flatness of the Doctor Who acrylics. In a recent interview Maggi Hambling described oil paint as having 'organic' human qualities. I feel as though I knew this once but somewhere along the way forgot how sensitive the stuff can be. I don't think I could have made these pictures in acrylics. They are not emotionally responsive enough. The scale of the pictures too feels fitting. They're not big gallery pictures. It's small, contemplative work that will need space around it.

Many of the views are of places I have not been too since I was a child (or, ahem, in the case of 'Sex Alley' since my mid-teens...).

SEX ALLEY (2008)