Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Flurry of Group Shows

This is my painting of Wilfred Owen for Brick Lane Gallery's 'Peace Camp', curated by the gallery and Bob and Roberta Smith. Wilfred Owen is one of those people who are/were very valuable but were so forced upon me at school that I've only just discovered him (he was 'a Shropshire lad' too so perhaps we got it hotter and stronger than anyone else when I was growing up). He was the first thing that entered my head whilst musing on what to make for the show and I decided to paint him at the canal where he was shot. It's worth making more than one visit to 'Peace Camp' to catch the various performances going on in the gallery space, although I'm far too late posting this as it finishes on December 31st. There's a schedule of performances on their site if you have time to hurry down there prior to new year. It's a busy show, there must be over 100 artists, and some interesting work.

I've also been involved in 'Grotto' at Studio 1.1, a similarly chaotic and lively show, that aims to 'take Christmas by the throat'. I'm showing a Melting Snowman. It's worth spending time here as there's a lot to see and there are a number of gems to uncover. It's on until mid-Jan.

Also did the painting prize at the Residence, which I think was their last show prior to moving to brand new premises. Although I wish I'd read the small print as I didn't know that they were planning to hang the show upside down. I often add text to my pictures and would have liked the idea more had I included a picture without.