Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hot off the press!

Am in this week's Time Out. It's the 'My Favourite Londoner' bit at the back.

I chose Dan Farson who was a big supporter of mine and somebody who's not written about or remembered nearly enough these days in my opinion. The photo they've used of Dan is the John Deakin portrait on the walls of the Colony Room in Dean St. I like the fact that you can just see the edge of a Bacon poster poking into the photo, and a photo of Muriel Belcher, the first proprietor of the Colony Club and the Annie Walker of 50's Soho. All very in-keeping!... Definately Dan in his own milieu.

My only problem is there was some kind of mix-up and they've said I'm showing new work at Nancy Victor in Charlotte St this month. I'm not, it's not until the Spring. But I wouldn't have thought that an article on Dan would actually want to make people come to a show anyway, in particular. It's not about my work after all.

Anyway, talking of Dan Farson I found this recently on a search website for newspaper articles. It's Iain Sinclair on Gilbert and George from the Independent on Sunday in about 1999:-

"It's clear that G&G operate two modes, both equally valid. There's Living Sculptures - with strict rules and Zen discipline. And there is the book buying, pottery collecting, restaurant visiting, chatting up waiters, off-duty existence of unexceptional Spitalfields millionaires. According to official doctrine, they never go to art shows. But locals still speak about the opening of an exhibition of Stephen Harwood's "East End Paintings" in the Art East Gallery in Spitalfields market. Peter Ackroyd and Dan Farson also attended. And the evening climaxed, riotously, in a tapas bar brawl."

The tapas bar is still there but the gallery is long gone. How marvellous to think that not only did one's cultural heroes all have a drunken scrap but that another one of one's cultural heroes saw fit to write about it! I didn't know about either!