Sunday, September 12, 2010

Heartland, The Film

Filmed in Shropshire June 2010 in collaboration with Filmaker Jonathan Tritton; the project grew out of our Matt's Gallery project on the MA where we were encouraged to envisage our work in Robin Klasnik's gallery space, a challenging gallery with a formidable history which lead to many students adopting a leftfield approach. The film existed as an idea for some months, and spawned so many sketched projects, paintings and drawings (collages of how it might look, iMovie approximations) that I wondered if it should be made - perhaps the idea was itself something of 'an ideas factory'? In any event a suitable collaborator evaded me, until a chance email exchange with a friend I had not seen for twenty-years introduced Jonathan, who I had never met despite our growing up in the same village. Jonathan was as interested in capturing this landscape as I was, and the project finally had its own momentum.