Friday, October 05, 2007


The photo is four of my Dalek drawings, on the table at Five Years as part of 'Peer Esteem': a project that brought together submissions by 104 artists. Each artist provided four A3 flat works on paper, and initially each set of papers were shown in the order they were received. Thereafter, and during ordinary opening hours at the gallery, it was up to the viewer to choose which piece they wanted to view on the gallery wall. The invigilator then slotted the four papers into a group of frames and hung them. The entire process was filmed by video camera with a microphone recording the conversations between the viewer and the invilator. You were not warned at the door that your requests and observations were being evidenced for posterity and quite right too. I'm all for ambushing. Unfortunately however I'm two weeks late posting this so it's finished now... but cos i've been busy.

The drawings are studies for my 'Doctor Who Project', initially mooted on this very blog as a side-project back in August. I've been on Gallifrey ever since. Hence no posts for ages. You can see the results in Charlotte Street from October 12th. Details to follow.