Friday, May 26, 2006

Superstar DJ !

To La Bar du Retro last nite for 'Who's in your Record Bag?'.
My set list ran thus:-

Psychic TV - Papal Breakdance
Into a Circle - Inside Out
Banshees - Make up to Break Up
Andi Sex Gang - Ida Ho
Gene Loves Jezebel - Worth Waiting For

I hadn't done it for a few weeks, the last time being Hayloid's birthday when I was far too pis*ed to be playing records and f*cked up everything; that put me off for a few weeks (oh! the shame)... however last nite I ROCKED! Horrah!! (and quite probably due to a couple of pints of sturdy pepsi max prior to said set).

Psychic TV worked well... it's not even a very well known PTV but one bloke came up to the booth to thank me for playing it so I was very chuffed by that. Into a Circle and/or Getting the Fear always sounds cool... and even Crazy G came dashing up to say he wants it on his iPod 'Oh my GOD is this Bee's voice! WOW!' Indeed it is. Still criminal that In2aO weren't MASSIVE in my humble opinion.

I love the Banshees 'Make Up'... one of their famous early tunes and it's on The Scream reissue. I think Andi's tune sounded good but not sure about Gene Loves. I love that album tho - 'Immigrant'... it's years old now but every now and then I like a bit of gothy 'soft-rock' kinda thing.

In other news we saw the Tiger Lillies at Soho Theatre on Tuesday avec Dawn Right Nasty... I absolutely adore the TL's and wrote about them on my former blog site:- (scroll down, it's called 'From Hell') but that was a show ('Mountains of Darkness') in conjunction with Alexander Hacke and the current Soho Theatre production is solely the TL's and was, if anything, even more brilliant than I could possibly have imagined. Their dark 'demonic jazz cabaret' appeals to my twisted nature AND my sense of humour and with song subjects as diverse as sticking hamsters up your arse, raping one's mother and removing her skin, beastiality, suicide, lonely schizophrenics gassing themselves and all assorted dementia inbetween you never know whether to laugh, cry or, well, just be plain shocked really... Even if you are sitting there thinking 'he can't sing THAT can he?!' the double bass, mad drums and sleazy accordian keep you feet tap tap tapping, and his voice has to be heard to be believed.

If there are any tickets left, Go! It's only on until the 3rd June. A must for all the family.

Oh and Le Bar du Retro have started serving MARTINIS! There's a little chalkboard with a choice of martini cocktails and you get BOWLS OF OLIVES! Oh lord, whatever next. A tinkling piano!? Where are we for god's sake the f*cking Delano Hotel (one of my fave places on earth btw) !!!???... I haven't worked out whether this is a Wonder Wendy initiative or a brewery promotion but I'm staying well clear... I have to stick to weak lager due to the fact that I drink at a hundred miles an hour so I would be on the floor within minutes... I'm also one of those people that speed up as they get drunk whereas most people slow down so I'm stepping away from the chalkboard... (....who am I tryin' to kid!?).